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Thursday, 28 August 2014

The New Look

The Beacon youth centre has a new look.  

Gone are the old cupboards, replaced by the new kitchen cupboards donated and installed by local craftsman and OPP officer, Harold Westerman.  New wiring and outlets were provided free by VanVark Electric. An anonymous Brighton professional decorator donated her time, materials and many hours of painting to make the old place look like new. She also donated a couch and games table which is located in a new lounge area in the back. During the summer Beacon volunteers mudded, taped, sanded and painted to help create the new look.

The Beacon is open for the new school year and will open the doors on Tuesday September 9th for lunch and in the evening from 7-9 PM.  Hours of operation will continue as we finished in the past year;  Tuesdays to Fridays from 11:00 to 1:00 on school days, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 PM.    
Phone the Beacon at 613-475-6046 during open hours, or phone me (Rene) at 613-885-1100 

Later this year if there is interest we may offer cooking classes for teens, blacksmithing, crafts, and lessons in makeup, hair and manicure for girls.   

Most of the paint was donated by The Paint Store in Trenton, and the new exterior signs (coming next week) were made at Willow Publishing who gave a deep discount.  New paint and covers on our tables and chairs will promote more colourful (hopefully) moves on the chess board.    
Karen and Greg Boundy donated the excellent nine foot slate-top pool table which will serve as our 'big boy' pool table for those youth with a talent for angles on incidence and angles of reflection.
Rene's new office has plaid paint to cheer any situation.

Jim Snyder suggested the 'red wall' and everyone likes it.  Jim put in many hours painting at the Beacon this summer.  Jim was a professional painter before having to retire seven years ago for medical reasons.

Many thanks to all who provided free labour, talent, materials or cash to further the changes at The Beacon.

In Case You Missed It   Brighton Youth For Christ / Youth Unlimited has become part of Quinte Youth For Christ. Supporters can send donations care of Quinte Youth For Christ, P.O. Box 233, Belleville, ON K8N-5A2.  Add a note to the cheque saying that it is meant for Brighton Ministry. The bookkeeper will issue income tax receipts at year’s end.

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