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Thursday, 24 November 2016

What Goes Around Come Around...

     Nice Guys Finish First

     Jesse Norman has been a volunteer at The Beacon for the last two years. He is a modest man who works quietly in the background getting things done. Before he volunteered to fill the 7-9 p.m. time slot Thursdays and Fridays at The Beacon, Jesse began bringing support from the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Brighton, where he is the President.   

     But Jesse's efforts on behalf of others is not limited to our youth centre.  Jesse is well known and loved by families in the community for going extra mile and helping when he can. 

     What goes around, comes around.  When Jesse turned 75 last week, he didn't mention it to anybody, but Cindy Huycke and her family took him by surprise.  They wanted to make sure this significant birthday did not go unnoticed.  

"He has really helped our family," Huycke told me some time ago. Last week she showed her appreciation for Jesse by surprising him with baked goods, gifts and artwork made by her sons. 

Presents for Jesse at The Beacon 

Jesse with younger members of the Huycke family.  

People like Jesse are what makes The Beacon youth centre such a worthwhile place in the Brighton
community.  Please support The Beacon.  Email me at rene@qyfc.com to learn how you can help.

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