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Monday, 23 January 2017

Thank you Municipality of Brighton!

Fences Mended?

Municipal Council Meeting
    For likely the tenth year of our existence, the Municipality of Brighton last week voted to support The Beacon financially as a Grant-in-Aid project for the coming year. The Council meeting was a special occasion for me and ten of our volunteers who were on hand to show our gratitude for the support we have had previous years from our municipality.
    Of special note; Councillor Brian Ostrander retracted statements he had made earlier and said he was reversing his opinion on whether we should be supported financially. I appreciated his openness. (After a Friday the 13th meeting between Brian, myself and Colin Leaver E.D. of QYFC at Brighton's new Tim Hortons, both Brian and I discovered we had been misunderstanding each other's position.   The meeting was very good at clearing the air.)  
    After a vote the Council voted to give us the $6000 we had asked for. This is very beneficial for our great increase in numbers, leading to much more food being consumed, leads to higher costs overall.        

    We miss you Ryan!   Ryan Wilson (Sorry, not of the Beach Boys) has not been able to come back and volunteer during the Tuesday 7-9 time slot he had been doing since September.  Ryan is a high quality man who has excellent insights and a genuine love for the youth we serve.

Our December numbers were a bit lower than November, probably due to the weather, but as long as busses have not been cancelled, our numbers have remained high.
Just today (Monday January 23rd) we had 28 students visit. Nineteen from East Northumberland Secondary School and nine from Brighton Public School.

God is good!

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