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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Welcome to The Beacon

Welcome to the Beacon Blog! 

     The Beacon has been a drop-in centre located in the Alice St. plaza (Unit 5) in Brighton, Ontario for almost eight years. During these years, hundreds of youth have benefitted from having a safe and friendly place to visit during some lunch hours and evenings. Students get free lunches, healthy drinks and snacks. They can sit and talk, shoot pool or play air-hockey or foos-ball.

   Adult volunteers provide nutritious food and supervision, are on hand for friendly conversation, games and a listening ear. Special events and activities have also been held during summer months and on some weekends.

    We at The Beacon have seen many youths grow and mature over the years.  Some have become responsible leaders. 

Long-time volunteer Elisabeth is
usually serving somebody food...


   So where did the Beacon come from? The concept originated out of meetings between the Brighton Municipal Council and local churches. Kids needed a safe place to hang out. Youth Unlimited was asked to manage the Beacon. (Youth Unlimited was formerly called Youth For Christ, and they already had a presence in town, with events and drop-in centres organized by Daryl Stogryn.
Youth Unlimited provides leadership that is not associated with any one church or denomination. Leaders for Youth Unlimited are required to demonstrate and maintain high moral standards as an example to our youth. Their philosophy is to welcome all youth, equally and without regard to faith or religious background, and encourage them to achieve their full potential and grow spiritually.  Youth visitors are expected to respect the facility, respect themselves and respect each other.  

   For many years Andrew Fortier was the full-time Director and made lasting connections with hundreds of youth. As the new (part-time) Program Director I am trying to keep things going at the Beacon and as Y.U. works in the community.  Together with our new Executive Director, Jonathan Patrick, we have begun to connect with the leaders in the local schools and the OPP.   

    If you are a supporter, a parent, a teacher or just curious, drop in on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 11:00 - 1:00 or Tuesday evenings from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  Hours may change.

  To learn more about Northumberland Youth Unlimited, go to : http://www.nyfc.org/

Rene Schmidt


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  2. This looks great Rene! Thanks for sharing. Praying our Lord would give you wisdom going forward and that this place would truly be a 'beacon' for youth in your community. Also, wonderful to see you are leading a writing club at ENSS! Encouraging the giftings in young people is so important, as I'm convinced there are many adults out there whose gifts are lying dormant due to lack of counsel and encouragement as a young person! Be encouraged in all that you are doing! God bless!