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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

New Happenings at The Beacon

    Many new things are underway at the Beacon Youth Centre in Brighton Ontario.
    First, we welcome back Ellen and David who are back for the winter season and ready to welcome kids every Friday at the Beacon.  Doors open at 11:00 and stay open until 1:00, just as on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  David is becoming the new director's friend in need, as he rescued Rene and the Beacon from bad stuff twice this week...

Dustin takes aim at the 2 ball
   The next new thing is we are getting some airtime on MYFM as host and newsman James Ferth did an interview about the Beacon and covered the presentation at the latest Council meeting for the Municipality of Brighton.  Volunteers from the Beacon are asking the Municipality of Brighton for finds to keep the Beacon open.

  And a big thank-you to Jeremy DeWeerd from D&K Heating, who came on his own time to make sure the furnace above our heads was working properly.  Jeremy is a new dad and values his time at home, so we are more than grateful to him.

  Also our condolences go out to volunteers Frances and Susan and Carla who all recently lost family members. All three are long term Beacon volunteers who are great listeners and friends to the kids at lunch and Tuesday nights.

  We welcome new volunteers at the Beacon.  Jim comes most Tuesdays and Thursdays and is probably one of the youngest grandfathers you will meet.  Don has also been coming out. Don is a retired shop teacher and has already shown himself to be a handyman and is learning to be a billiards sharpie.  Debbie is a world traveller who is also starting to come in the evenings when she can.
Henrietta and Karen are usually in on Tuesdays

   Most Improved Pool Player, has to be Dixon, who can shoot either handed, and has now improved his skill greatly on the more difficult big slate table.  Sean is learning the trick of shooting leftie when he gets into a tight squeeze along the wrong side of the table.  Sean is harder to beat most days.

   Rene goes back to school!  Rene has returned to high school. (Maybe he has some courses from a long time ago to finish off?)
No.  He's going to host a Writing club at ENSS, and will also help prepare some students for the literacy test.

    Grade 7&8 students are coming during some lunch times. Parent permission forms will be going home in January for another year of warm lunches, games and snacks.

Jacob and Sean enjoy Karen's excellent soup.


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