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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Thanks & Getting Ready for Christmas

     I've been having some trouble with the blog posts showing up unreadable. So this is the 'new look'.
     Some days at the Beacon are slow.  Some days everyone seems to show up at once. Lately we've had a few regulars, like Sean and Dixon, Jacob, Dustin, Athar and Grade 7 & 8 students like Ashoor, Mitch, Jamie, Will and Pat.  As well as regulars, every day there are two or three faces of kids who come less often or who haven't been before. I am now going to ENSS three days a week and will tell  more students about the Beacon.
   Thanksgiving was just celebrated in the USA, and for us too, thanks are due to lots of people.
Yesterday Sharon Reddom came in with a cheque for the Beacon for $100 from the Quinte Queen Rebekah Lodge. This lodge has some members from the Brighton Lodge which existed until a few years ago. These people believe in the Golden Rule and are expected to, “Live peaceably, do good unto all, as we have opportunity and especially to obey the Golden Rule, Whatsoever ye would that others should do unto you, do ye even so unto them.” 

Also yesterday the Brighton Kin club had me to one of their meetings (and a nice dinner) to hear about what is going on at The Beacon.  The Kin club supports many excellent causes, especially funding for treatment of people with Cystic Fibrosis.  I was able to thank them for their help for a student of mine, Meghan Caldwell, who suffered from C.F. from childhood, and who got a double-lung transplant in grade 5.  The new lungs extended her life for another four years.  Meghan was a feisty and happy soul who brought much to everyone around her.   

Yesterday's 'night crew' of volunteers, led by Susan, decorate for Christmas. 
Last night David filled in for me, and the talented crew of Susan, Frances, Henrietta and David made Christmas decorations, aided by Karlie and Desiree. 

     Thanks for ongoing lunches!  The following volunteers have been providing lunches regularly.  Yesterday it was an excellent spaghetti dinner brought by Joan W. Other lunch makers have been 
Heather V., Gwenda C., Amanda M., Lois E., Jane D., Marg T., Helen W., Lydia F., Barb G., Angie T., Sandra H., Maureen B., George & Lois H., Denise M., Winnie C., Lois H., and Carol L.

   The spirit of helping.  Yesterday one of our ENSS regulars sidled up to me and told me, "I showed ..... how to hold the cue-stick and now he's playing much better"  And it was true. The boy in question was having a terrible time with some basic hand-eye coordination stuff.  With a fellow kid's help he figured out something I'd been trying to show him for weeks.
Don't be a stranger!  Anyone wanting to visit us, we are open 11am - 1pm Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, 7-9 pm on Tuesdays.   

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